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Shiv Gupta – Note from the CEO

Investment Outlook , Published Feb 17, 2019

Shiv Gupta

Shiv Gupta

CEO at Sanctum Wealth Management.

We are delighted to present Vision 20 | 20, the latest edition of our annual investment outlook report. This year, we have augmented our traditional economic analysis with a set of opinions from eminent personalities across professional domains. In doing so, we have included views that may diverge in places or challenge existing consensus.

As you review this report, you will, no doubt, encounter familiar economic themes, as these typically play out over a multi-year time horizon. Further, in an environment of transformational change, we go beyond markets and investments and look at trends through a wider socio-economic lens. These will ultimately influence the shape, fabric, and norms of our society and economy. The diversity of subjects covered here, including media, sports, and entertainment, is aimed at providing additional breadth and nuance to the analysis. We have also taken the liberty of adding some humour to the mix. We hope you find these views helpful in shaping the way you think about your wealth and the management of it.

In terms of the overall market outlook, we believe that India’s prospects remain bright despite a slowing global economy. This is predicated on structural reforms, macroeconomic stability, and domestic sentiment, notwithstanding recent financial market wobbles and risks arising from political uncertainty. Our view is further buttressed by several technical factors that support local equity markets. These, and the outlook for different asset classes, are extensively covered in this report.

As always, the most effective approach for applying these insights is to place them in the context of your investment objectives and risk appetite. In other words, create the appropriate portfolio structure and then make shifts in emphasis based on nearer-term influences. As you do so, investment discipline and fortitude will remain invaluable, particularly in this fraught and noisy environment. Where needed, our advisors will be on hand to help you through the process.

We thank you for your continued support and wish you a wonderful 2019.

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