Portfolio Solutions 

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We offer a range of portfolio management solutions based on your investment aspirations, risk appetite, investment personality, and current circumstances. 


This strategy invests in different geographies across the world by creating a portfolio of best-in-class Global Funds which are available on the domestic mutual fund platform. The active geographical allocation aims at finding pockets of value around the world, and using domestic mutual funds ensures ease of transacting, monitoring as well as tax reporting. An important diversification strategy, the Global Allocator can help align your larger international goals and also serves to improve your overall risk-reward profile.
Fixed Income


A large-cap-oriented strategy that focuses on investing in high-quality companies with long-term sustainable growth, driven by dominant leadership positions in their respective segments. The strategy centres around delivering long-term superior risk-adjusted returns to investors and is positioned to be a core allocation in client portfolios.


An economy as vibrant as India has given rise to several structural growth themes offering attractive investment opportunities. Sanctum Indian Titans focuses on investing in ideas that benefit from such themes. The portfolio is also complemented with opportunistic ideas that the market misprices from time to time.

Sanctum 360

A comprehensive portfolio reporting and analysis platform designed for investments held both with and outside Sanctum. This proposition helps you monitor your entire portfolio and enables you to apply core investment principles of asset allocation, diversification, and risk management in a holistic manner.