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Ours is a long-term commitment, to you and to your future generations. It is a promise to take the time to fully understand your goals and ambitions. And it is our mission to bring those goals and ambitions to life. We are here to assist you in your quest to achieve your financial goals and to secure your legacy – for yourself and for your future generations. Welcome to Sanctum Wealth. We provide end-to-end private wealth management solutions for High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). We aspire to be the most trusted wealth advisors in India. This is a vision shared by our people and is predicated on a commitment to uphold the highest standards of conduct and service in all our dealings. Our range of financial planning and wealth management services is sophisticated yet simple to understand. We understand that wealth means more than just numbers and it reflects in the way we approach our relationships. An in-depth knowledge of today’s financial world and sensitivity to future trends enables us to provide timely and impactful portfolio management services in India. Our experts have developed insights and experience in domestic and international markets to create innovative and adaptable solutions that suit the varied needs of our clients.


We understand that your financial affairs are deeply personal and that financial advisory wealth management relationships are built on the foundation of trust. When you come to us, we take care to maintain discretion and hold your information in strict confidence.


We are constantly looking to improve and to employ new and innovative technologies that enhance your experience with us, whilst maintaining consistency and quality in the ways we deliver our asset management services to you.
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