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Sanctum Wealth Management partners with Equanimity Investments

Mumbai, Oct 11, 2017

Sanctum Wealth Management today announced its partnership with Equanimity Investments, a venture capital fund, to help clients diversify their portfolios by investing in early stage start-ups. This association will help Sanctum Wealth strengthen its product proposition, leveraging the on-going growth in India’s robust start-up industry.

Equanimity’s fund will offer investors a superior risk-return profile by investing in a diversified portfolio of fast-growing early stage firms with cutting edge technologies across sectors. While it will primarily focus on ventures within India, it will also look to invest in start-up ventures and growth ventures abroad.

The fund is sector agnostic and will look at investments in early stage companies that use technology as their backbone ensuring scalability and sustainability of their business models. It will invest in start-ups, emerging or early stage venture capital undertakings mainly involved in new products, new services, technologies, intellectual property rights based activities or companies that are pursuing innovative business models. The fund horizon will span 7 years, and will be extendable by 2 years.

Commenting on this association, Shiv Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Sanctum Wealth Management said, “We are delighted to join hands with Mr. Rajesh Sehgal, and are positive that his long-standing expertise within the venture capital and angel investing space will help us bring well-researched ideas to our clients, helping them grow their portfolios.”

He added, “At Sanctum, we have always placed emphasis on generating new ideas and have consistently worked towards developing innovative and relevant products for clients. Through our association with Equanimity, we will help clients partner in projects within India’s budding start-up industry.”

Prateek Pant, Head of Products and Solutions, Sanctum Wealth Management said, “India’s start-up eco-system ranks third globally and is expected to grow dynamically in the next few years. The Indian Government too, is encouraging development in this space through its proactive initiatives. The scope within the industry is immense and we are excited about the opportunities that could follow for clients.”

Also commenting on the association, Rajesh Sehgal, Founder and Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments said, “We are thrilled to be joining hands with Sanctum Wealth – a leading player within India’s wealth management industry. The start-up space in India is expected to grow exponentially given India’s inherent entrepreneurial culture, assisted by Government initiatives such as Start-Up India. Our fund will help support start-ups that use technology as their backbone ensuring scalability and sustainability of their business models while providing clients to benefit from our experience and expertise.”

Sanctum Wealth Management has always maintained a focus on bringing innovative products to clients. Its flagship PMS Portfolio – Indian Titans outperformed the Nifty50 by 16.3% YTD and 12.5% YOY in its first year.

Equanimity Investments is backed by marquee LPs (limited partners) including Dr. Mark Mobius of the Templeton Emerging Markets Group and Vijay Advani, President of Nuveen, USA.

Rajesh Sehgal in his personal capacity has invested in 22 start-ups since 2007, 8 of which have been exited successfully. These include EduPristine, GreenDust, Dhama Innovations, Zipdial, Speak Well Skills Academy, Textual Analytics, Express Bike Works and Squeakee.