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Estate Planning in the age of Artificial Intelligence

, Nov 8, 2023

Integrating AI’s transformative potential into estate planning holds the promise of enhancing efficiency in serving clients, but the indispensability of qualified and experienced estate planners remains undiminished. SNEHA MAKHIJA, Head of Wealth Planning, Products & Solutions, Sanctum Wealth The global landscape appears to have been thoroughly transformed by the changes ushered in by the Intelligence…

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Nationality, residency, domicile: Why they matter for families with global assets

Mumbai, Nov 1, 2023

Legacy planning across borders is important if you live in one country but are a resident of another. For those of you who hold assets in foreign countries but pay their taxes in India, make sure that your estate planning has accounted for such assets. By Sneha Makhija is Head of Wealth Planning, Products &…

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Can long-term bonds drive stability and upward income to your investment portfolio?

Mumbai, Sep 1, 2023

As we’re aware, equities possess the potential for robust returns, but they also carry the inherent risk of volatility and sharp corrections. In contrast, bonds can stabilise portfolios, particularly during periods of equity volatility. In 2022, for the first time in more than 50 years, global equities and bonds both delivered negative returns, prompting many…

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ETMarkets Fund Manager Talk-Current valuations of broad markets don’t look too stretched: Sanctum Wealth

Mumbai, Jul 18, 2023

MUMBAI – The stellar run in stocks of midcap and smallcap companies notwithstanding, valuations aren’t too stretched, believes Sanctum Wealth Management. “India seems to be in a structural bull run and a lot of economic activity is favouring small and mid-caps,” says Hemang Kapasi, head of equities at the wealth management firm. There will be…

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