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Published Jan 28, 2021

At Sanctum, we facilitate creation of a bespoke estate plan that takes into account your objectives and circumstances.


What is Will?

It is a legally binding document that lets you determine how would you like your estate to be handled after your lifetime.

Absence of a will

• Your wealth will be distributed as per intestate succession laws and not as per your Wishes.

• Complicated ownership of assets.

• Possibility of family disputes leading to deterioration of relationships.

Some common terms used in will planning

Testator/Testatrix- A male/female who has made a will

Executor/Executrix– An individual appointed to carry out the wishes as stated in the will of the deceased

Legatee/Beneficiary- A person who inherits under a will

Codicil– An addendum to your original will to include modifications/additions.

Probate– Judicial process to confirm if the will is valid and authentic post demise of the testator/testatrix

To ease the process of transmission of your estate to your loved ones by creating a plan, reach out to us at
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