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Published Jan 28, 2021

At Sanctum, we assist you with your investment goals that includes a home away from home. Investment migration opens a world of opportunity from diversification of your assets to providing you with a better lifestyle.


Top Reasons for a ‘Second Home’

  • Education plans for your children or grandchildren
  • Close proximity to your loved ones overseas
  • Better standard of living
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Future Retirement plans

Citizenship-by- Investment (CBI)

It can confer on you the same rights as ordinary citizens whereby you are provided with the right to vote, usually the ability to pass the citizenship to future generations and international visa-free travel, subject to the passport strength.

Residence-by- Investment (RBI)

It provides you the right to live, work, travel and study in a particular country. These programs usually come with certain conditions or requirements that you need to meet to qualify for the program.

Whether you choose your second home address in the European landscapes of Portugal or the picturesque countryside in the United Kingdom, it is important to choose the right advisor who can facilitate comprehensive advice from pre-migration to post-migration!

To understand the suitability of a residence or citizenship program that considers your objectives, reach out to us at
+91 9821925479

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