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Published Jan 28, 2021

At Sanctum, we can help you plan the succession of your accumulated wealth to your loved ones.


While you focus on creating your wealth, let us help you plan for preservation, protection and seamless succession of your wealth.

What is Estate Planning?

A proactive plan to meet your specific objectives revolving around asset conservation and transfer of your wealth.

Why do you need an Estate Plan?

1. To ensure your wealth is distributed according to your wishes.

2. Reducing procedural legal delays in accessing, distributing and using wealth by your loved ones.

3. Consolidation and preservation of your assets in a suitable structure, especially for future generations.

Estate Planning is a very crucial step to ensure seamless and hassle-free distribution of your wealth to your loved ones. Contrary to the common myths of estate planning that makes one postpone such decisions, it should be considered as soon as you have an asset and an intention to pass it to a beneficiary as desired by you.

Wealth Planning Services at Sanctum

Our Wealth Planning Services enable you to preserve and distribute your wealth to your loved ones and for purposes you choose, in the most efficient way, both during your lifetime and beyond.

A good Estate Plan is designed to bring reality in line with your wishes to the maximum possible extent.

To create your bespoke estate plan that takes into account your unique objectives and circumstances, reach out to us at
+91 9821925479

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