Estate and Immigration Planning Insights

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Estate and Immigration Planning

We recognize the importance of ensuring the wealth of clients is preserved and seamlessly passed on to their loved ones. Often, Estate Planning is considered a requirement for individuals with complicated asset holdings. It has been observed, however, that complications can occur irrespective of the quantum of the wealth.

Lack of know-how and failing to plan inheritance may lead to troublesome transmission of wealth to the families of clients. Further, with families going global it is imperative to devise a plan that takes into consideration international laws and its nuances to avoid any adverse ramifications for clients’ interests.

Families are keenly considering options to diversify their assets internationally given the fact that their loved ones are spread across the globe. Investment into ‘second homes’ or as a logical step towards business expansion plans through citizenship and residency programs have become increasingly popular. However, one needs to carefully conduct a thorough due diligence of such options by evaluating various factors such as cross-border laws, taxes, etc. to make an educated investment.

The Estate and Immigration Planning Series aims to provide clients with insights on various aspects of estate and immigration planning to enable them to take a well-informed decision for a secured future for their families. After all, passing on wealth in a considered manner is a critical step to build safeguards to ensure legacies continues to benefit your next generation.

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At Sanctum, we can help you plan the succession of your accumulated wealth to your loved ones.


While you focus on creating your wealth, let us help you plan for preservation, protection and seamless succession of your wealth.

What is Estate Planning?

A proactive plan to meet your specific objectives revolving around asset conservation and transfer of your wealth.

Why do you need an Estate Plan?

1. To ensure your wealth is distributed according to your wishes.

2. Reducing procedural legal delays in accessing, distributing and using wealth by your loved ones.

3. Consolidation and preservation of your assets in a suitable structure, especially for future generations.

Estate Planning is a very crucial step to ensure seamless and hassle-free distribution of your wealth to your loved ones. Contrary to the common myths of estate planning that makes one postpone such decisions, it should be considered as soon as you have an asset and an intention to pass it to a beneficiary as desired by you.

Wealth Planning Services at Sanctum

Our Wealth Planning Services enable you to preserve and distribute your wealth to your loved ones and for purposes you choose, in the most efficient way, both during your lifetime and beyond.

A good Estate Plan is designed to bring reality in line with your wishes to the maximum possible extent.

To create your bespoke estate plan that takes into account your unique objectives and circumstances, reach out to us at
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2. Decoding the Common Myths of Estate Planning

At Sanctum, we are your knowledge partners that help you navigate the world of estate planning to guide you towards your goals.


MYTH: Estate Planning is only for people of a certain age.

TRUTH: Individuals in their 20s and 30s also may find estate planning useful. Unfortunately, we cannot predict our last day, hence it is better to plan today.

MYTH: Estate Planning is only meant for people with complex assets and families.

TRUTH: Every asset matters! Even if you feel your assets are not worth a lot or are fairly simple, having an estate plan can help determine who in your family gets what and more so as per your wishes.

MYTH: My family members have very good relations, we do not need a formal plan.

TRUTH: When relations are good, it provides the best opportunity to plan. Without a plan, intestate succession laws will prevail whereby assets will be distributed as per law in a predefined manner to your family, that may lead to complicated ownership of assets & possibility of family friction.

MYTH: As my objectives are simple, a do-it-yourself will online will suffice for me.

TRUTH: Firstly, mere will drafting doesn’t suffice. The quality and benefit of consulting a specialist and having a bespoke will is incomparable to a template online that may not take into account your unique circumstances and address your queries. You simply may not want your years of hard earned wealth put to chance.

To create a well-informed estate plan to secure the future of your loved ones, reach out to us at
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At Sanctum, we facilitate creation of a bespoke estate plan that takes into account your objectives and circumstances.


What is Will?

It is a legally binding document that lets you determine how would you like your estate to be handled after your lifetime.

Absence of a will

• Your wealth will be distributed as per intestate succession laws and not as per your Wishes.

• Complicated ownership of assets.

• Possibility of family disputes leading to deterioration of relationships.

Some common terms used in will planning

Testator/Testatrix- A male/female who has made a will

Executor/Executrix– An individual appointed to carry out the wishes as stated in the will of the deceased

Legatee/Beneficiary- A person who inherits under a will

Codicil– An addendum to your original will to include modifications/additions.

Probate– Judicial process to confirm if the will is valid and authentic post demise of the testator/testatrix

To ease the process of transmission of your estate to your loved ones by creating a plan, reach out to us at
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4. Importance of a Will

At Sanctum, we believe estate planning is an integral aspect of wealth management and help clients prioritise it along with wealth creation.


Will planning is arguably one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Absence of a will can lead to transmission loss of your wealth, chaos and confusion for your family while a well drafted will can lead to the following benefits:

1. Distribution as per your wishes
It can legally protect the interest of your family in your estate.

2. Make life of your loved ones easier
Avoid delay and lengthy processes to ensure seamless transmission of your wealth to your loved ones.

3. Provide for financial needs of your loved ones
Through your will, you can provide for members who are financially dependent on you.

4. Ensure your children are cared for
If your children are minors, you can decide who will raise and take care of them as guardians.

5. Appoint your Executor(s)
You can decide who will wind up the affairs of your estate and carry out the wishes as stated in your will.

6. Mitigate legal challenges
A well planned will has the potential to avoid costly and lengthy legal battles.

7. Avoid transmission loss
Will Planning ensures that there is no loss of wealth during transmission to your loved ones, especially due to lack of knowledge.

8. Take care of your pets
A will lets you plan as to who should take care of your pets.

9. Provision for charity
You can make bequests to charitable causes that you believe in.

10. Contingency planning
Make provision if the primary beneficiaries are absent, then who should inherit your wealth.

When drafting your will make sure you just don’t limit it to an exercise of putting pen to paper but adopt a holistic approach to will-planning to ensure your wishes see the light of the day.

To help you write your Will so that distribution of your assets is not left in abeyance, reach out to us at
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5. Designing your Will

At Sanctum, we adopt a holistic approach to will planning, wherein we don’t just facilitate to put your wishes pen to paper but provide practical advice too so that your wishes see the light of the day.


Before you begin drafting your will, please ponder on the below questions:

Do You?

  • Believe mere drafting/writing your will would suffice to ensure transfer of assets to your loved ones?
  • Think the probate process would be enough to transfer the title in the name of intended recipients?
  • Think you can rely on the manner of your ownership and nomination pattern of your assets without re-assessing it in context to your wishes in the will?
  • Have faith that all your paperwork in reference to your real estate is in order to ensure hassle free transmission with marketability?
  • Have confidence in your recipients to be capable of manoeuvring the regulatory system in a seamless and timely manner to get the titles of assets updated as per your will?
  • Think you can be certain that your recipients have the complete know-how of all details pertaining to your estate to ensure zero transmission loss?
  • Consider will drafting as a one-time exercise and should not be re-visited?

Will Planning at Sanctum

It is essential to have a 360°approach to will-planning to ensure seamless succession of your assets to your loved ones.

To create a well-crafted comprehensive plan for handing down wealth to your loved ones, reach out to us at
+91 9821925479

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At Sanctum, we assist you with your investment goals that includes a home away from home. Investment migration opens a world of opportunity from diversification of your assets to providing you with a better lifestyle.


Top Reasons for a ‘Second Home’

  • Education plans for your children or grandchildren
  • Close proximity to your loved ones overseas
  • Better standard of living
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Future Retirement plans

Citizenship-by- Investment (CBI)

It can confer on you the same rights as ordinary citizens whereby you are provided with the right to vote, usually the ability to pass the citizenship to future generations and international visa-free travel, subject to the passport strength.

Residence-by- Investment (RBI)

It provides you the right to live, work, travel and study in a particular country. These programs usually come with certain conditions or requirements that you need to meet to qualify for the program.

Whether you choose your second home address in the European landscapes of Portugal or the picturesque countryside in the United Kingdom, it is important to choose the right advisor who can facilitate comprehensive advice from pre-migration to post-migration!

To understand the suitability of a residence or citizenship program that considers your objectives, reach out to us at
+91 9821925479

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At Sanctum, we work with experts in the domain of international real estate and immigration advisory to get you the best of ‘both worlds’.


One of Europe’s historically influential countries, Portugal, offers you the opportunity to have a ‘second home’ with a high quality of life, fantastic local cuisine, rich culture and mild climate.

The Portugal Golden Visa programme offers you residency in exchange for investment in sectors as designated by the Portuguese government.

The most popular investment option is purchase of real estate in Portugal where the investment ranges from €280,000 – €500,000 with a lock-in period of six years.

Some benefits of the Golden Visa Programme:

  • Opportunity to participate in international real estate market.
  • Permit to work and/or be self-employed.
  • Access to top ranking educational institutions.
  • Visa-free travel to the Schengen area.
  • Low physical presence required.
  • Option to apply for citizenship/permanent residency after 5 years.
To gain better understanding of the investment options available for you, reach out to us at
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